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Erkunde Dynamit, Pony und noch mehr!

Proud Morbey is an epic bang in your fashion world. An explosion of color and happiness. We’re dynamite, baby!

Dear sirs, it is our humble obligation to inform you to please point your attention to a new Proud Morbey masterpiece of graphical greatness: the diddle smiddle widdle. We hope you enjoy it!

“Howdily doodily neighborino!”, as Ned Flanders used to say. So we diddle doodled and like you to see this handcrafted picture. Okely-dokely!

Good old times :-) Everything was so simple back then. Check out retro Proud Fred (Cartoon) and Proud Osaka (Bowling Bag). Sooo cool...

Damn Masculine Clothes - DMC - on the run for you. So to say. Check out our stuff online in the dudes section.

It is said, both the chinese revolution and the foundation of the People's Republic of China was only feasible due to the great impact of Mao Zedong's wise use of Proud Morbey's apparel around 1949.

Home sweet home. Apple pie on the porch. Sun in the backyard. Hanging out with the family and really good old friends. What's better than that?

Glamor, neon, urban jungle, adventure, style. We have some great times together, guys. Stay tuned for more apparel, more shirts, more pants, more accessories, more bags, more all. Greetings to our Proud Morbey gang.

Express Proud Morbey. Express yourself. Look, feel, touch, experience our range of fine apparel for your lifestyle.

In life, things are black and white. Sometimes things are shattered, sometimes they get fixed again. Pure ambivalence. What’s your pick – black over white or white over black? Discover Proud Larry and take a choice.