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Erkunde Drahtesel, Fahren und noch mehr!

Donkey Drahtesel - Eselskopf für's Fahrrad

Riviera Blue, Bubblegum, White & Altum Grey


Linked In Men's Jersey

Free your Mind.....and your legs will follow. :) Works for me. A small piece of a large artwork.

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Handlebars, Antique Style #Bike _ Manubrio, Stile Antico #Bici - (René Louis Théodore Herse)

This new road bike by the UK's Spoon Customs must surely be one of the year's most eye-catching bikes, with over 30 hours of handprinted artwork by Sam Dunn illustration, Ciamillo brakes, Campagnolo Srl Record and wheels by August Wheelworks. Explode your eyeballs at Cycle EXIF today: