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Erkunde Nach Innen, Erstlingswerk und noch mehr! | Erstlingswerk | Kindermütze von außen nach innen genadelt im "Flinkhandstich" (Freihand)

Several 'stitches' were needled on the inside of the palm at the height of the thumb without attaching loops to the previous row -- on opposite sides for each mitten -- leaving a hole for the thumb and continuing until about the wrists. Adjust the loops so the mittens lie pretty tight at the joints. (2 of 3)

Basque hat (under side) by Anne Neumann: decrease number of stitches until inside diameter of hat is attained and then the band of the beret continues for a few rows. | Barett | 2. Versuch einer Mütze, diesmal von innen nach außen

Mittens: This is not knitting, but naalbinding, the Scandinavian textile technique that predates knitting.

Maria Gustafsson‎ - nåletue (inside) via Facebook group

How to nalbind knit with loops one needle - in a book about knitting traditions around the world.

European eyelet doublet with metal rings sewn inside the eyelets, detail view, 15th to 16th century.


Mittens from the top down

Naalbinding mittens by Karen Maxine Manwiller. Amazing colors!