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Verwendung von Pflanzen als Raumteiler ist eine besonders kreative und schöne Lösung für die Raumteiler Thema. Diese Reben klettern Seilen Innen Dschungel, trennt auch Räume zu schaffen.

WGS Wall is an awesome room divider designed by Gallotti & Radice. It isn’t only good looking because of felt covering but also very practical. It could accommodate all magazines and books you’re currently reading or going to read or be used as a displayer of family photographs or something similar. Besides it has good sound absorbing qualities. Under the felt is wooden structure supported by bright stainless steel feet. The felt comes in large variety of colors.

Sukkulenten im Holzrahmen

DIY house

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I absolutely adore this - especially because of how open it is. Also absolutely love the book shelf below it!!

Put a bookcase on casters to create a moveable wall or secret door

Holzlampe Baumstamm - Lampe

Holzlampe Baumstamm - Lampe von HolzbauBohse auf Etsy

Moving Hedge - Sempergreen