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Claire Bessire (n.y.): Diploma Project, via

ETH Zürich - Prof. A. Caruso :: Archive :: Diploma Projects - visualization

E2A /// Baufeld B4 Geistlich-Areal @ Schlieren

The Microscape is a really cool art-mural of a city. You can purchase a 3D printed ‘square plot of the city’ to give your mantelpiece a cool, kitschy touch, or go ahead and purchase adjacent plots to make a crazy mural of your metropolitan city. #YankoDesign

Berrel Berrel Kräutler Architekten | Wettbewerb Bauhausmuseum, Dessau | Visualisierung

Really like the roof & beam detail. Incorporates most of the elements we want.

mlzd koa Neubau Kochermatte Grundriss Erdgeschoss

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