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Erkunde Karma Kreis, Ring Anhänger und noch mehr!

CARA Kette mit Ring Anhänger Karma Kreis

CARA Kette mit Ring Anhänger Karma Kreis von STATOUR auf Etsy

Africa | A silver 'Telsum' necklace from Ethiopia | talisman tubular, triangular elements and wedding ring at the very end of the necklace are all symbols of protection for the wearer

ledecorquejadore: “ Iran | Silver and engraved cornelian seal ring ”

Africa | Collection of Tuareg ornaments; hair rings, pendants, amulets | Silver, stone, leather | Collection Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren.


Africa | Old Idar-Oberstein (German) "Tanfouk or Talhakimt" that was traded into North Africa in the mid 19th century. The silver is not original, but given that these pieces were so highly valued by the Tuareg and other Berber people, the silver has either been added as a repair or as additional decoration. These types of Tanfouk would have been woven into the hair or worn as a pendant | Sourced in Mauritania | 40 × 25 × 4mm ~ ¥ 9,000

Ethiopia | 27 variations of Silver Pendant Crosses

Bracelets - Victoria Z Rivers Jewelry withAntique Moroccan Silver Amulets++Coral+Coins+Trade Beads+ Tribal Diamonds

Africa | Pendants from the Tuareg people of Algeria | Silver | ca. 1971