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Erkunde Liest Aus, Vorabend und noch mehr!

Peter Kurzeck liest aus "Vorabend" - YouTube

How to Curate Your Digital Identity as an Academic

How to Curate Your Digital Identity as an Academic: If you don’t manage your online presence, you are allowing search engines to create it for you

8 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations

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Good Presentations Need to Make People Uncomfortable

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42 Ways to be a Boss at Being a Boss Infographic

42 Ways to be a Boss at Being a Boss Infographic

Watch "Don't Let Perfection Stop You: Macklemore at TEDxPortland" Video at TEDxTalks

Birdsnap, A New Birdwatching App That Uses Computer Vision and Learning to Identify Birds

Birdsnap is an intelligent app that uses computer vision to tell you what bird is in front of you!

How to Give a Killer Presentation


Quais foram as ideias que mais marcaram o ano de 2014? Hoje partilhamos consigo uma selecção das talks mais marcantes deste ano, condensadas em 8 minutos de pura inspiração! #ideasworthspreading #tedx #tedxlisboa

12 Storytelling Podcasts That You Need To Be Listening To

Here are world-renowned podcasts to learn the art of storytelling from the masters!