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Erkunde Ranger Monster, Thunder Power und noch mehr!


Fiera is a bird-like Nighlok that is able to launch fire balls at her opponents. She was given the task of destroying Jayden, who is the 18th descendant of the Shiba Clan. However, her plan to destroy Jayden is thwarted by the 2nd Red Ranger, Lauren, who used the Lion Foldingzord's Pentagonal Fury attack to destroy her. Notes Fiera is the only female Nighlok to appear in the series. Dayu does not count, as she is half Nighlok/half human.

Motorcycle Org

Zen-Aku freed this org that Taylor and Princess Shayla sealed because she couldn't handle it the first time she faced it. It was destroyed by the Jungle Sword. See Also Bike Org - Super Sentai counterpart in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger. See comparison page.


Guitardo is a guitar-playing cicada monster with a hypnotic sound created by Lord Zedd from a cicada crawling next to Kimberly's guitar. He originally wanted a guitar monster, but chose the cicada. Goldar had said that Zedd could not create monsters from inanimate objects, even though he already had, and would in the future. The guitar Guitardo uses is taken from Kimberly and warped for Zedd's powerful monster to use. Guitardo plays rock tunes and hypnotizes its victim's bodies, often…

Giant (MMPR1)

The Giant is a giant knight. The Giant is summoned by Rita Repulsa after Bones's defeat. She said this incantation to summon him:

White Terrorsaurus

The White Terrorsaurus was a monster created from the Evil White Ranger Clone. Zeltrax uses his evil clone of the White Ranger to create the White Terrorsaurus. The White Terrorsaurus is very powerful and is able to kidnap the Dinozords. It requires the Power Rangers to unlock the Shield of Triumph, and the Red Ranger uses it to become the Triassic Ranger and destroys White Terrorsaurus.


Pangolin is a creature who rolls upwards and has an supposedly impenetrable shell. He is utilized after the failure and mutiny of the Five Fingers of Poison. He has the ability to feel out fault lines and ground instability. Armed with knowledge gained from this ability he then attempts to create an earthquake to destroy the city. The rangers are forced to learn new techniques to battle him but in the end they prevail, both in ground skirmish by using the Jungle Mace, and in battle with...


Inside a comicbook world; drawn by Carson Brady, a famous comicbook artist, Fridgia lives in her frozen kingdom. Four of the Power Rangers are drawn into the comicbook by Carson, and are taken down by Fridgia for invading her kingdom. Fridgia is about to punish the Rangers by destroying them, when the White Ranger shows up to even up the score. The Power Rangers are able to take down Fridgia, but when they are released from the comicbook world, so is she. Taken away from her world…


Buffalord is the second upgraded Rinshi to battle the rangers. He has the spirit of the buffalo. He has tremendous strength. But he was ultimately defeated by Casey after learning a few new techniques, and later defeated by the Jungle Pride Megazord's Savage Kick. Buffalord alongside Slickagon and Pangolin played along in the game show "Blow That Dough" against the Rangers. He beat the Dominic Hargan when he answered the question on what Dai Shi's spirit was imprisoned in. Buffalord...

Tube Monster

A "life-saving innertube" monster created by Lord Zedd from Bulk and Skull's innertube that resembles a blue-and-white-painted Pipebrain. Tube Monster begins causing havoc in the city when a battle is being fought between the Rangers and Goo Fish, Pirantishead, Slippery Shark, and Commander Crayfish. The rest of the Rangers go into battle against the giant Tube Monster, while White Ranger remains behind to battle the other aquatic monsters. Tube Monster doesn't pose much of a challenge...