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Motorcycle Org

Zen-Aku freed this org that Taylor and Princess Shayla sealed because she couldn't handle it the first time she faced it. It was destroyed by the Jungle Sword. See Also Bike Org - Super Sentai counterpart in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger. See comparison page.

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Elestomp is an elephant demon. He sent shockwaves through the ground. Elestomp was destroyed with a single shot of the Rescuebird. See Also Ganemuuja - Super Sentai counterpart in GoGoFive. See comparison page.

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Furnace Monster

This ghoulish apparition came from the underworld and fought with two other monsters and was defeated by the Supertrain Megazord. He was then banished to the Shadow World. See Also Chanbaano - Super Sentai counterpart in GoGoFive. See comparison page.

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Terror Toad

Terror Toad was a toad monster created by Rita Repulsa's monster maker Finster. He could swallow the Power Rangers by using an energy tongue that he emitted from his horn, which transformed them into energy balls to be consumed, as well as his actual tongue which he used to pull them into his mouth. After swallowing them, images of the Rangers' helmets would appear on his belly. He could also fire energy beams from his horn and deflects laser blasts with his belly. Finster created the…

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Mog is a Frog Rinshi that Camille commissions to attempt to defeat the rangers. The rangers dispose of him rather quickly. His appearance closely resembles that of Toady. See also Eruka - Super Sentai counterpart in Juken Sentai Gekiranger. See comparison page.

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The rangers faced this nameless flower-like tooth-full monster when they enter the demon underworld. Oddly this monster wasn't seen when Prince Olympius absorbed the monsters energy. See Also Papetongu - Super Sentai counterpart in GoGoFive. See comparison page.