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We've gone through and asked several traveling females about the one little thing they just can’t travel without. There are some great items in these mini-interviews you just can't afford to miss!

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Spain on your mind? In this interview with a frequent Spain traveler we talk about some lesser known travel destinations in Spain & what to do when you get there.

girls safety tips for staying in hostels

Moulin Rouge: Paris, France #WOWattractions

While this is a UK website, students can gain access to great information when studying Business studies. Even without subscribing, there is excellent study planning tools and subject information

In this post, guest interviewee, Carmina Marti shares her best Italy travel tips as a frequent insider. In this interview you'll learn where to stay and what…

The Travel Fashion Girl Minimalista Style-Mix shows you how to maximize your travel outfits using just 4 pieces of womens travel clothing!

The Catacombs were built and conceived of in the late 18th century. Mass graveyards around Paris were overflowing, and so the bones were exhumed and arranged in the existing subterranean tunnels of the city’s ancient quarry.

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