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Munich Juin 2013 - 16 Sankt Peter Kirche

Schloss Linderhof und Venusgrotte Mehr

Omg. Top could be the man cave and a boat could fit in there

Berchtesgaden, Pfarrkirche St. Peter und Johannes und Kirche St. Andreas (Rechte Seite), Germany

Worms Cathedral, Germany~ the original building consecrated in 1110. The remainder was mostly finished by 1181, but the west choir and the vaulting were built in the 13th century, the elaborate south portal was added in the 14th century, and the central dome has been rebuilt.

Chroniken des Blutes und des Absinth

@Regrann from @negus_negusti - Before I get a lot of Christians commenting saying they have nothing to do with the Pope let me give you a little background info According to the Christian faith the Pope is the head of the earthly Church established by Christ. For over 1500 years the only 'religious' Christians were Catholics. After Reformation many Christians rejected the authority of the Pope and made their own religious branches still under the tree of Christianity. So now we have…

The Vatican ah it's so beautiful there. I need to go back sometime

Saint Peter’s church, Portovenere | Italy

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