Erkunde Und Holozäns, Tiere Ausgestorben und noch mehr!

Megaloceras, the Great Irish Elk


Megaloceras!!! Now this is a deer XD

Radiolaria Polycystinea Fossilized, ancient single cell organism, from the Barbados Islands. Imaged in low vacuum mode after having received a thin gold coating. Courtesy of Linnea Rundgren Image Details Instrument used: Nova DualBeam Family Magnification: 1,500x Horizontal Field Width: 50.0μm Vacuum: .5 Voltage: 30.0kV Spot: 4.0 Working Distance: 7mm Detector: SE

Maybe a Red Cracking Bolete - (Xerocomellus Chrysenteron)

Baby dinosaur found near Regensburg 135 Million Years old. Europe's best preserved dinosaur fossil was discovered in Bavaria. The still unnamed predator dinosaur is 98 percent complete, and thus one of the world's best preserved finds. The young animal, 72 centimeters tall, was found near Kelheim. A newly hatched Tyrannosaurus would have been about this size.

When dinosaurs take over the world

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