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Even the media makes this mistake.

"Ich bin von bis auf eingestellt ..." >>So sprechen Frauen SIE an<< >>Jetzt NEU auf

Fu Man Dumpling House

Another dumpling house worth visiting is Fu Man Dumpling House. Here you’ll find virtually every table enjoying an order of the simply named Boiled Dumplings ($8.35 for 12). These dumplings are plump with pork and a generous amount of green onions and chives, but since the filling is not densely packed, they’re a delight to eat. You’ll want to dip your dumplings in the house sauce, but don’t bother to ask what’s in it, as few beyond the owner know, and they’re not telling. Among the many…

18 reasons you should NEVER go to Nevada

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Earlier this month, Joel and Jason Blum, “The Gift” producer, hosted an advance screening of the film for a group of filmmakers and reviewers. With San Francisco film critic Tim Sika acting as moderator, Joel and Jason participated in a 30-mins. Q&A session with the audience during which Joel provided heaps of inside information on how the film was made and his personal filmmaking approach. Be forewarned however – the video does contain some **MINOR SPOILERS**. If you don’t want to know what…

The Real Reason There Are Envelope Folds On A Baby's Onesie

This is way better than getting poop in your baby’s hair, don’t you think? | The Real Reason There Are Envelope Folds On A Baby's Onesie

I Will Always Be By Your Side

With all that is going on in the world today, don’t be dismayed by it for I have forewarned you of these things to come so you will have peace and find comfort in My word, when you see them coming to pass knowing that I have already told you the end and showed you your destiny in My word let My word and what I have said to you and promised to you in it be a comfort to you. I love you My child and I am ALWAYS by your side. Trust Me!

Shady people suck. But they'll be fun to watch fall on their faces when they no longer have your work to take credit for. Oops. Their bad.

With your permission, I am going to type just as I would talk. So the grammar and expressions might go a little wild. :-) Oh! It might get lengthy too. I am not going to worry about the 500-word limit for blog posts. I am breaking all the rules tonight! You have been forewarned. So, I was sitting here tonight trying to figure