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Erkunde Sarrazin Und, Und Sein und noch mehr!

The Man Who Fell to Earth 1976 Trailer. - 3. David Bowie's performance in The Man Who Fell to Earth looks very much like Asperger's Syndrome.

It is often stated that "the survival of the fittest" is not from Darwin himself. It was used from edition 5 on instead of "Natural Selection". The subtitle of the 1st ed. had been "Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life".

Stoppani s bestseller "Il Bel Paese" (1876) was the namegiver in what turned out to be one of the first truly successful branding stories of a modern Italian product: the Bel Paese cheese from Galbani. Stoppani s portrait was printed on the packaging for years.

Ernst Haeckel (ZOOLOGE, Eugeniker) wurde 1834 als zweiter Sohn des REGIERUNGSRATes Philipp August Haeckel und seiner Frau Charlotte, geb. Sethe, die aus einer JURISTENFAMILIE stammte, in Potsdam geboren.

Hannah Arendt interview, "the best conversation I have ever had" (Günter Gaus). - Min 25:30: about intellectual giftedness, "a certain kind of alienation among human beings"; her shame of realizing her alienness so late. Min 30:00: Arendt about the only shock she had in 1933: that volontary "Gleichschaltung" was "the rule among intellectuals, and among the others not". - The latter phenomena might be explained by the phenotype concept of ASD.

Good explanation of Asperger autism (in German). With quotes from Hans Asperger and Tony Attwood.

Autism comes not only with rigid thinking patterns due to mindblindness/Theory of Mind deficits, but also with hyperfocus and missing essential information, with a lack of understanding for one s own motivations and feelings and with a tendency to higher-than average anxiety and towards catastrophic thinking.

Fröbel developped different sets of toy blocks. Here are his so-called "beauty forms" laid with the "play-givings 5 B".