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Erkunde Sarrazin Und, Und Sein und noch mehr!

Portrait von Donna Williams. - Simple, predictible interior. Allergies. Tinted glasses.

How anxiety affects Mental Health & Physical Health slides at Min. 27:00 (Sarah s World) and Min. 31:00

Chamberlain (!): Goethe dagegen bekennt von sich selber, er sei „von Natur nachdenklich“, ihm habe die Vorsehung „eine konversierende Gabe nicht verliehen“, und in Gesellschaft wisse er „nur didaktisch und dogmatisch“ zu verfahren; ja, es sei ihm „eine böse Manier“ eigen, durch welche „er sich manche Person entfremdet, andere zu Feinden gemacht habe“.

Stoppani s bestseller "Il Bel Paese" (1876) was the namegiver in what turned out to be one of the first truly successful branding stories of a modern Italian product: the Bel Paese cheese from Galbani. Stoppani s portrait was printed on the packaging for years.

Good explanation of Asperger autism (in German). With quotes from Hans Asperger and Tony Attwood.

Tiffany Williams WashingtonCorrectionsCenterforWomen likes fractals

Ernst Haeckel (ZOOLOGE, Eugeniker) wurde 1834 als zweiter Sohn des REGIERUNGSRATes Philipp August Haeckel und seiner Frau Charlotte, geb. Sethe, die aus einer JURISTENFAMILIE stammte, in Potsdam geboren.

Hannah Arendt interview, "the best conversation I have ever had" (Günter Gaus). - Min 25:30: about intellectual giftedness, "a certain kind of alienation among human beings"; her shame of realizing her alienness so late. Min 30:00: Arendt about the only shock she had in 1933: that volontary "Gleichschaltung" was "the rule among intellectuals, and among the others not". - The latter phenomena might be explained by the phenotype concept of ASD.

"Intuitions" is what NTs argue with, Gaus wants them to adapt to the flawed methods of their opponents and win those with the conventional morality. But the latter tend to have also a propensity for developping anxiety issues and get irrational. Wouldnt it be better to foster self-recognition,help them with emotional regulation and teach them modesty? Adorno (instrumental reasoning, critique of positivism, Minima Moralia) would Gaus do some good. His Jürgen Habermas variant falls behind…

Anton Freud about his aunt Anna, min. 9:00: She was rather forbidding. She was not, to me, a warm person. Not an aunt you could kiss, or put your arms around. -- Not at all. (To face-blind Aspergers: His face, in particular at min. 9.30, but also before 9:00, is very telling for neurotypics.)