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Alt-Oldenburg / East Friesian stallion Estephan

Alt-Wurttemberger Horse. Because there was no specific goal for creating this breed, their numbers never became especially high. During the early 20th century equestrians developed a flavor for the Wurttemberg Sport Horses & Altwurttemberg numbers plummeted. By the middle of the century the breed was facing extinction.

Hessen stallion Stargate. This warmblood comes originally from Hesse area, Germany. Until 2005 it had a breed association of its own but after it the Hessen studbook has been part of Hanoverian registry and today one can't actually talk about Hessen but Hanoverian. Anyway, they both are riding and sport horses of highest quality, having TB's, Trakehners and other warmbloods in their pedigrees.

Alt-Oldenburg / East Friesian (87,5%) stallion Dublon

Schwarzwälder stallion Morgan, © Sylvia K. Brehm. Known also as Black Forest Horse, Schwarzwälder Fuchs, St. Märgener Fuchs and Wälderpferd. Schwarzwälder is from south Germany. It's a draft but smaller and lighter as, for example, Belgians. They resemble usually a small Noriker. They are always chestnuts with flaxen mane and tail, usually quite dark ones. They're still used as drafts and carriage horses but also as leisure riding horses.

Ostfriese / Alt Oldenburger

Hessen horse Magic Star

East Friesian / Alt Oldenburger, old type. This breed has two names because it was bred in two different areas in the northwestern Germany: East Friesia and the ex Great Dukedom of Oldenburg. Originally it was a chariot horse, a heavy warmblood, and was the result of the cross of indigenous mares with Neapolitan, Spanish and Fredriksborg stallions, very popular among nobility. This type changed to a more refined horse.