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Erkunde Schön Magazine, Schuhe Socken und noch mehr!

Stunning example of visuals and text and their meaning working together. Love this amazing design

Buero 146. Valentin Hindermann, Madeleine Stahel, Maike Hamacher

von From up North

25 Beautiful & Inspirational Designs

Simple white outline laid over photo. Time magazine idea: Always showing the skier? or the face? Simple stacked WE ARE SKIING within border.

Britta Siegmund // Grafik Design, Typografie, Logo Design, Branding, Editorial Design // Berlin

wow design We like this design because the way the text is aligned draws the eye to all of the features in the package. We could use the text as inspiration to frame our text around our pictures or headlines.

von Spoon Graphics

40 Floral Typography Designs that Combine Flowers & Text

I like this image because the background image relates to the text. There is no confusion that can possibly happen, it is also very beautiful with the small hints of color.