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Erkunde Abenteuer Gruppe, Gothic Abenteuer und noch mehr!

ENGLAND WELCOME TO NEUTRAL Tubantia. Death as a skeleton sunk the Dutch ship Tubantia. At the lower left edge of the EW signature, lower right W. Eberbach. Reverse IT IS THE / BEST NOT IN / PEACE LIFE / IF THE / EVIL NEIGHBOR / NOT LIKE / 1916. Seven-inscription in hexagonal decorative version. Date 1,916

Treachery U PRO-ARNTER EASY SPIRIT ON BOARD THE LUSITANIA. Death in the shape of a skeleton sank the Lusitania. In r. F. the signature EW and in section W. Eberbach. Reverse DEM / haters / ALARM / WOODROW / WILSON / 1916. In a pentagonal ornamental version, the six-line inscription. Date 1916

Numismatic Collection of the National Museums in Berlin WITH GOD FOR KAISER VND REICH [Ü pointed]. Length portrait of a candidate's officer in uniform and military cap (Karl Menadier) to the left. On the right edge of the signature LOTTE / BENTER. Reverse Three women in handicrafts for warriors Samaritan services. Date 1914-1915

Obverse MICHEL'S WORTH THE BRABANT KIRCHENSCHÄNDER. The German Michel with the crosier in his right hand is a cardinal a kick. Signature EW (ligated) 1916 shield and the edge below WALTHER - EBERBACH. Reverse THE CONSECRATION Pfennig Chief Shepherd of Mechelen. The devil with a cardinal's hat in the left hand rubs the candlelight. EW signature lower left. Rim DS 146 32 Date1916

Münzkabinett der Staatlichen Museen Berlin Eberbach, Walther: Der Britenschreck - Lord Curzon 1916 Temporäre Ausstellungen TAU-008/ Medaillen Erster Weltkrieg Obverse DER - BRITENSCHRECK. Der Tod bombardiert eine englische Industriestadt. Am linken Rand die Signatur W. EBERBACH 1916. Reverse AN / LORD CURZON / DEN / DEUTSCHEN-/HASSER / 19-16. In einer Zierfassung mit Sternen sechszeilige Aufschrift. Unten eine Bombe zwischen der geteilten Jahreszahl. Rim DS 109 21

Two fighting naked men on a skeleton, right next to another skull. Links are averting, growing out of the earth female figure. In the right margin below the signature M. Götze fec. Reverse EARTH BIRG / YOUR HUMAN / FACE shuddering / IN THE holy / GOTTESHAENDE / ERASE THE SUN AND / THE STAR LIGHT BECAUSE / ES glow OF WAR / WILD FIRES / PETZOLD [AE fires at ligated]. Neunzeilige marked with quote by Petzold. Rim DS 162 16 Date 1,916