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Erkunde Lauf Forks, Flickr und noch mehr!

Icelandic entrepreneurs Benedikt Skulason and Gudberg Bjornsson have created the Lauf leaf-style fork for mountain bikes. It has no moving parts, requires no maintenance, and weighs just 980 grams – a typical suspension fork weighs more in the neighborhood of 1,400 to 1,900.

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LAUF FORKS Suspension Fork 29" | 27,5+ TR Boost...

Lauf Forks | Lauf Forks - The lightest suspension forks on the market

This picture is so freaking sad. I am really really emotionally compromised by this picture. somebody just run me over with a fork lift already.

Lauf Trail Racer | Lauf Forks - The Lauf Trail Racer - The lightest suspension fork on the market

EB14: Euro-Bytes – Lauf Forks, Brake Force One & Schlumpf Advanced Belt Drive