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The PlanetD explored Greenland on the Sea Spirit ship and enjoyed a 14-day adventure that started from the north of the Arctic circle all the way around to Reykjavik, Iceland. This Greenland travel guide will help you plan your next vacation | The Planet D Adventure Travel Blog

TRAVEL PLANNING TIPS FOR ANTARCTICA: (FAQ) What clothing Should I Pack? (Photo from @Quark Expeditions )

George Bradshaw's popular railway timetable guides, which were revised and republished long after his death, are what he is best known for. But he was also a cartographer - and his map from 1852 reveals a dense network of railways lines spreading out across much of the UK.

Whoniverse: An Unofficial Planet-by-Planet Guide to the World of the Doctor from Gallifrey to Skaro

Astronomy Picture of the Day: 10/02/13 - Guiding Light to the Stars — From Quarks to Quasars

Interactive tutorials on optics, digital imaging, and microscopy. Travel from the center of the galaxy down to the size of a quark!

As the ice melts, polar bear populations are moving north, which is why Arctic Kingdom Polar Bear Expeditions built three small cabins in this area on the east coast of Hudson Bay north of Churchill, Manitoba, known as “Polar Bear Alley.” In fact, the changing climate has caused a bit of a polar-bear jam: Last year, one Inuit guide saw 300 bears in the area over the course of the October-November season. From a cozy bear-proof cabin, watch the animals mock fight, forage for food, or laze…

A Look at the Numbers as NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Enters its 25th Year

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