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Honey & Mackie's Ice Cream Shop

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Sweet: Bardot Helados Con Estilo Fashionista |

Bardot Bars: Helados Gourmet

BARDOT BARS - Advanced Ice Cream Technologies, a boutique ice cream WHEN FOOD MEETS DESIGN, AMAZING!!!

Honey & Mackie’s

Cheese Pencils are shaped like oversized pencils, where the “leads” contain three different flavours: truffles, pesto and chilli. With the built-in grating function you can sprinkle delicious, appetizing flakes of parmesan cheese on your meal. A scale lists how many calories the portion contains. The Deli Garage is a food label that sells hand-made delicatessen foods in lovingly designed packaging.

The Woods by Teak & Twine | Oh Keats soap