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Erkunde Verfallen, Buchcover und noch mehr!

Living room with bread cutter in an old abandoned house! The work they did and then just let it rot.

Der Schnee ist hier schwarz, die Luft ist voller Schwefel, die Plattenbauten sind verfallen und die Bewohner haben ein kurzes Leben: Willkommen in Norilsk

And the tears start rolling...

Castello di Sammezzano

Abandoned castle in ItalyCastello di Sammezzano, , province of Florence , Tuscany region Italy .

there is little I find creepier than abandoned theaters

Search For: Abandoned house - Pixdaus *The stuff that scare films are made of. But only if you won't imagine it painted and cared for.

Belgian - Many American soldiers based on the Western front during World War 2 purchased cars for personal use. When the war ended, they proved too expensive to ship home and many were left abandoned in this eerie graveyard.

Urban decay photography: the haunting beauty of abandoned theaters

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