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Erkunde Kindern Hans, Erster Weltkrieg Wwi und noch mehr!

Elisabeth Schmid-Fehr mit ihren beiden Kindern Hans-Peter und Esther, 1914 #throwbackthusday #tbt #WW1 #ersterWeltkrieg #WWI #anno1914

One of the most striking things about Hildenbrand's oeuvre is how freely he records scenes of destruction. During World War II, both sides became much pickier about what kinds of scenes they would let photographers document. During World War I, images of destroyed churches were a persistent motif.

Example of the M1916 undress field blouse (buttons covered by a flap). Note the lack of rank insignia on the collar. Leutnant Hans Ritter von Adam --- FAA 2b, Jasta 34, 6. Killed in action 15. Nov. 1917.

10 Rare Color Photographs From World War I

The French airship Alsace shot down on October 3, 1915, near Rethel. The crew survived unharmed and were taken prisoner. Airships were not just used for aerial reconnaissance, but also for the bombardment of civilian and military targets.

Hans von Minning, 15 years, mascot of German Reg't -- WWI - Library of Congress

Colour photographs of the German Front, 1914-1918

The Fokker D. VII was a German fighter plane that became so feared that the Allies demanded the Germans turn over all of them at the end of the war. Description from I searched for this on

Colour photographs of the German Front, 1914-1918

1914 Rotogravure Carl Karl Hans Lody German Navy Officer Spy Executed WWI YNY2

1914. "Karl Hans Lody" an officer of the Imperial German Navy who was convicted of spying during WW1. " Lody, the German Spy, Found Guilty By Court-martial and Executed on November Second in the Tower of London. It Was the First Execution of its Kind since Lord Lovat Was Beheaded for Taking Part in the Jacobite Rebellion Over Hundred Years Ago."

Princess Ekaterina Dolgorukaya was a mistress of Tsar Alexander II and later his morganatic wife. Ekaterina was the last in a series of the Tsar's mistresses and the one he truly loved. Ekaterina and her Tsar had four children together before he was assassinated by a group of anarchists. While the Tsar's family had seriously objected to her, especially to her presence in the palace, they saw that she was provided for until her death.