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Erkunde Denmark Harald, Harald Wartooth und noch mehr!

Sweyn Forkbeard, The Viking King of England

Harald Hadrada was a viking warrior who ascended to the throne of Norway in 1047 and eventually died on the battlefield while trying to conquer england.

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Treasures of the Vikings

Historic: A replica of the 'Jelling stone', erected by King Harald Bluetooth in the late 10th century to celebrate his achievement in unitin...

Statue of the first King of Norway, Harald Hårfagre - I am positive that this part of the source material for Skyrim's many armors/clothing

Denmark - Had a framed copy of this on the wall for years but finally let it go before we made yet another move. So sorry I didn't keep it...

Harald Bluetooth strange name? The usual explanation is that Harold must have had a bad tooth that has been "blue" (i.e. black. It can also come from the British word "Thegn" that meant chief. Since blue meant "dark", his nickname was really "dark chieftain". Or it could have been that Harald went about clothed in blue, since blue was the most expensive colour and by doing this underlined his royal dignity.

Gorms Cup which was found in the original grave of King Gorm - the father of Harald Bluetooth. Denmarks Prehistory - National Museum in Copenhagen