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François-Rupert Carabin (born in Saverne in 1862, died in Strasbourg in 1932) was a French sculptor who was representative of the Art Nouveau. Between 1889 and 1919, he sculpted many furniture (Fauteuil, 1893). He also made medals and practiced photography. He was the director of the École supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg and was regularly invited to the Vienna Secession.

The Black Keys | Turn Blue - we bought this today. So far it's fantastic! I can burn it for you @christopherharcourt if you want!

I love the details of this harpsichord.

Grand piano / Austria (Vienna?) / Date: ca. 1820 (made) / Artist/Maker: Haschka, Georg (maker)

Beethoven's viola from his time in Bonn. When he moved to Vienna he left the instrument with his teacher Ries. The Ries family later bequeathed it to the Beethoven Haus in Bonn. It is still played on special occasions.

HD Handel "HALLELUJAH" - Messiah No. 44 - John Hong - Organ Solo - 5.1 ...

Piano Seiler Suspension – Industrial design, bridge-like appearance, Kitzingen, Germany, 2002

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