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Erkunde Tragico, Verlassen und noch mehr!

At 30m below sea level, off the Cap d’Antibes, lies the remains of a underwater miniature French town complete with houses and buildings up to 1m high. The aquatic town was built between in 1965 by French filmmakers who wanted to shoot parts of their movie, L’Enfant et la Sirène, on a real underwater film set. The ambitious underwater filming approach was abandoned for animation. Unfortunately, the film-a musical directed by Sylver Néjad Atzamba-never came out and the set was left on the…

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9 Photos of Abandoned Cities

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Crossing the Border Again/ Victor von Andrejanoff: Der Vampyr, aus `Lettische Märchen´

Campanópolis theme park is an unusual place in the outskirts of the city, in Gonzales Catán, Argentina. Once a garbage dumping ground, the land was rescued by Antonio Campana and turned into an eco-medieval village with impressive constructions made from recycled material that seem to belong more to a fairy tale than to the outskirts of the city! The grounds are not open to the public but there are activities and group visits that are organized throughout the year.



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Abandoned ‏- Mediterranean Sky, formerly City of York, lies abandoned in Elevsis Bay, Greece