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Erkunde Sie Selbst, Schöpfung Und und noch mehr!

OM KANON 9 31. Sie selbst bestimmen sich die Strafe für ihr Unwesen und für ihre Verspottung und Verleugnung der Schöpfung und der Wahrheit und Liebe. 31. They determine the punishment for themselves for their abuse and for their mocking and denial of Creation and truth and love. 32. Ihre Strafe aber ruhet in frühen Toden und in Aengsten davor, und sie ruhet in Krankheit und Krieg, in Unfrieden und Hass, in Uebellaunigkeit und Misserfolg, und in Schmerz, Zerstörung und Vernichtung…

“Liebe ist absolute Gewissheit dessen, selbst in allem mitzuleben und mitzuexistieren, so in allem Existenten: In Fauna und Flora, im Mitmenschen, in jeglicher materiellen und geistigen Lebensform gleich welcher Art, und im Bestehen des gesamten Universums und darüber hinaus.”

In the old days (middle ages etc.) much knowledge, like physics, development of consciousness, Creation’s laws, etc. was closed off from the common people. There was even the threat of death penalty if the common people got in contact with that forbidden knowledge.

104. Noch sind diese Wahrheitkünder rar unter eurer Lebensform und ihr vermögt sie an einer halben Hand zu zählen. 104 and yet, those Heralds of truth are rare between your way of life and they can only be counted in half of the fingers of one hand

Big Bang originated approximately 46 trillion years ago. The aftereffects of the Big Bang continue to linger within the adjacent belt which, looking at it from Earth, is roughly 1.25 x 1015 light years away at its closest proximity. Terrestrial scientists are incapable of peering and listening into these depths of space even with the most elaborate super devices.

Leben und Tod sind untrennbar miteinander verbunden' von Billy. Der Tod gehört ebenso zum Leben wie das Leben zum Tod. Beide können ohne einander nicht existieren, weil sie voneinander dermassen abhängig sind wie auch Wachsein und der Schlaf. Und wie der Schlaf eintrit, ohne dass der Mensch ihm entweichen kann, so tritt auch der Tod am Ende der Tage ein, ob der Mensch das nun will oder nicht.

Nevertheless I have done what was possible for me – even though when in so doing I have neglected a lot. But also I am a human being, a simple one, who does not want to be elevated above others and who does not consider himself any more than everyone else can be considered.

Stupid and idiotic ones with academic titles, popular scientists, newspaper men and know-it-alls of all kind do not want to admit to the truth and even claim that the entire economy, and life with it, will collapse if fewer humans are born and humanity is reduced by means of a rigorous and rationally-steered birth stoppage.

That the scientists are thereby, however, blinded and let themselves be deceived to megalomania and, from that, draw their wrong conclusions that the universe is just 13,000,000,000 years old, already borders on narrow-minded stupidity and arrogance. It is completely striking that an unrivaled narrow-mindedness dominates here, even though actually a great many things indicate that the scientific astronomical calculations, data and assumptions, as well as measurements

The Spirit(Battery/Life Force) does NOT Change from life to life. Because it only provides the Life Force/Power for the Consciousness (and the Human body), when present, to function. The Spirit(Battery/Life Force) - Power Load -, if you will, may/can vary, due to certain conditions, but in general it is in a standard state/load. The (Life Force/Power) Load, is also dependent, in how the human/individual utilizes his/her body. Which can even weaken the Spirit(Force/load