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Erkunde Und Wie, Ebenso und noch mehr!

Leben und Tod sind untrennbar miteinander verbunden' von Billy. Der Tod gehört ebenso zum Leben wie das Leben zum Tod. Beide können ohne einander nicht existieren, weil sie voneinander dermassen abhängig sind wie auch Wachsein und der Schlaf. Und wie der Schlaf eintrit, ohne dass der Mensch ihm entweichen kann, so tritt auch der Tod am Ende der Tage ein, ob der Mensch das nun will oder nicht.

as the Plejarans does, is it possible for a different civilization from ours to exist on Earth now in a deviation from our space-time ? ANSWER: There exist "different civilizations of ours" in the past dimensions and future dimensions only. If there exist civilizations "in a deviation from our space-time" (which is possible, but of which Billy has no knowledge), the planet would look different than our Earth.

49) And if you preserve the life of someone of your kind (human being), then that is the same as if you had preserved the lives of many, because none are left behind who wail in sorrow, but those who go forth in gladness and embrace one another in joy and happiness. Goblet of the Truth - Teaching of the Prophets- Beam -- Chapter 5

79) At all times when you show contempt for and slander the truth of the wellspring of the life (Creation) and do not turn yourselves towards it, as it has been brought by the teaching of true prophets, for all this time you are refusing your happiness and your wellbeing, your freedom and consonance (harmony) and your peace in yourselves; and as often as you burn your inner skin (inner nature)

Universal Responsibility To realize these aspirations, we must decide to live with a sense of universal responsibility, identifying ourselves with the whole Earth community as well as our local communities. We are at once citizens of different nations and of one world in which the local and global are linked. Everyone shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of the human family and the larger living world. The spirit of human solidarity and kinship with all life is…

The baptism in the case of John/Jmmanuel was no babtism in the common way (= exorcism), but an initiation, as we would call it today. Justice in this connection means a new beginning, a beginning to learn and do things correctly.

Ptaahs designation as a Dark Star, or perhaps its an Earth designation, could mean either the theoretical, compatible with, Newtonian mechanics 'Dark Star' ie a surface escape velocity equal or greater than light speed, and a critical radius of r ≤ 2M.

232) Through your belief in gods and tin gods which demand blood, revenge and punishment from you, you believe that a right measure of revenge and retaliation has been decreed for you and that you shall shed blood and destroy life for those killed (murdered), for adultery and theft and deception, as well as for many other things just as the gods and tin gods you have invented command you

. This is so because many fortune tellers, ‘clairvoyants’ and star readers are religious or sectarian belief-oriented, consequently they, as god-believers, link their assertions and ‘advice’ to religious-sectarian empty phrases and bring angels, Jesus and saints, etc. into play. And if the ones seeking advice also have fallen for a religious-sectarian belief, then naturally they respond more than ever to the stupid assertions and ‘advice’ and direct their daily actions and behaviours at it.

38. "There may be no limits to love, peace and joy, because the present state must always be exceeded. 39. "Truly, I say to you, a love that is unlimited, constant and unfailing is unconditional and is a pure love, in whose fire all that is impure and evil will burn. 40. "Such a love is Creation's love and, therefore its laws as well, to which humanity has been predestined since the beginning of time.