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Erkunde Und Wie, Ebenso und noch mehr!

Leben und Tod sind untrennbar miteinander verbunden' von Billy. Der Tod gehört ebenso zum Leben wie das Leben zum Tod. Beide können ohne einander nicht existieren, weil sie voneinander dermassen abhängig sind wie auch Wachsein und der Schlaf. Und wie der Schlaf eintrit, ohne dass der Mensch ihm entweichen kann, so tritt auch der Tod am Ende der Tage ein, ob der Mensch das nun will oder nicht.

Thoughts and Circumstances of Life Might of Thoughts page 142 Lower thoughts form lower feelings, lower habits and lower circumstances, such as alcoholism, hate, afflication, resentment, sorrow, grief, bitterness, errors of judgment, and so forth - and many kinds of suffering. If one's thoughts are destructive, then they crystallise into confusing and exhausting habits and circumstances, which when the human being is afflicted by them is no longer able to control. A habit is a settled or

In answer to a question posed to you from this discussion board recently, you said that, as a rule, people are reincarnated into the same culture, race or nation where they died, emphasising as an example that an Afro-American in the USA will reincarnate as an Afro-American again in the USA and not in Africa. Then you said, a spirit form will not reincarnate in France, then in Tibet, then Nigeria. . . Incarnations occur within the group of people and cultures where one lived (and thought!)…

What exactly is or was the Biblical ancient Ark of the Covenant, were there more then one of these and do they still exist today and if so, where? Answer There were imitations. The Ark of the Covenant does still exist (hidden in Ethiopia). Billy doesn’t know if the imitations still exist. HE THAT SHOULD COME, IS ALREADY AMONG US THE PROPHET BEAM

8. THE COGNITION, KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, AS WELL AS WISDOM SHOULD GROW WITHIN EARTH HUMANS that they are not the only human life forms in the entire universe and are, furthermore, but a fraction of the whole within the universe.

The spirit form is something like a filigreed "tissue" that is anchored in the brain. It is iota-like spiritual-creational energy. Earth humans are hardly able to detect it within themselves. (The) Consciousness is another term for personality and ego. It's the consciousness that perceives the identity.

38. A space in which every mass expands in proportion to the increase in speed. 39. Consequently, time and space collapse and they become null-time and null-space. 40. That is to say: 41. Space and time simply cease to exist. 42. And exactly by this manner is created the fact that distances of countless light-years can be traversed in a fraction of a second without causing a shift in time. During contact 4 dated 15th February, 1975. Semjase provides Billy with the following explanations.

as the Plejarans does, is it possible for a different civilization from ours to exist on Earth now in a deviation from our space-time ? ANSWER: There exist "different civilizations of ours" in the past dimensions and future dimensions only. If there exist civilizations "in a deviation from our space-time" (which is possible, but of which Billy has no knowledge), the planet would look different than our Earth.

138) Truly, your senses and your rationality and your intellect are wrapped in shrouds because you curse yourselves for the sake of your unknowledge, because what you really know is only very little. Goblet of the Truth - Teaching of the Prophets- Beam - Chapter 2

46) And it is not rightful to coerce a man or a woman into a bond for whatever reason; yet hard punishment shall be meted out by the jurisdiction if this is contravened. Goblet of the Truth - Teaching of the Prophets- Beam - Chapter 4