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Erkunde Der Schöpfung, Dunkelheit und noch mehr!

KANON 9 1. In the name of Creation, the wise, the righteous. 1. Im Namen der Schöpfung, der Weisen, der Gerechten. 2. Praise be Creation, which created the heaven (firmaments) and Earth and gave birth to the darkness and light. 2. Preis sei der Schöpfung, die da Himmel und Erde erschaffen und Dunkelheit und Licht geboren hat.

Religions, cults, sects, and the initiation temples are based on traditional religious rituals misleading and religious lies / esoteric / occult fallacious. But the True Spirituality is based solely and only on Logic in Truth True Laws and Recommendations Creation of Railways. CREATION that is the only true ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Was ALLAH a real JHWH of his time and worked closely with Gabriel to inspire the prophet Muhammad in the Teachings of creation and what went wrong interms of the Islamic religion being created?? ANSWER: Allah was an JHWH, yes. No, he didn't work closely with Gabriel.

1) The generating and controlling of life forms. 80. 2) Creation of mechanical/equipmental viable life forms. 81. 3) Development of spiritual and consciousness-related forces for the mastery of material and organic life forms. 82. Present stages of our races (**) **4) Volitional mastery of life and all its forms and types. 83.**5) Stage of recognitions. Recollections of past lives, etc. 84.**6) King of Wisdom = JSCHWJSCH. The

If you have already read books from Billy, above all, the crowning work, Kelch der Wahrheit (Goblet of Truth), the book of the entire teaching of the prophets (FIGU, Wassermannzeit-Verlag,CH-8495 Schmidrüti), then you know, that, "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier is the seventh and final prophet of the Nokodemjon line. To this line belong the prophets Henok, Elja (Elijah), Jeremja (Jeremiah), Jesaja (Isaiah), Jmmanuel and Mohammed (Muhammad Abdullah),

The name "god" has absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the world or the universe, the stars and galaxies, etc., because the name "god", that already existed in the vastness of the universe for billions of years, represents nothing more than a title for a person, for a human being. This title was originally "JSCHWJSCH" or "Ischwisch" (pronounced "ÍSH-ÚISH"-the Muslims call ALLAH but the word ALLAH nothing else Is that the word JSCHWJSCH, in age-old Lyrian.

Even on my part, I'm already in an advanced age and use gray and white hairs on my head, but I don't adhere to any illusion that require people to be perfectly fine, as well as to adhere the ancient philosophies and even the old thoughts, because my life is oriented to striving for the top and what is higher-the evolution in the creation, sense given by.

41. those who are flawed are those same people who were given a home on Earth, and all the possibilities to live life, and thus evolve towards BE. 42. Since the ancient times they didn't obey the laws of CREATION and its recommendations. Although the truth they were given through the * JSCHWJSCH and through the Prophets.

The events of the past on this planet cannot be blamed on the JHWHs alone, but also on their followers and all the other people who are refusing, up to this day, to bear their own responsibility for their own thinking, feeling and acting. There is no "safe-guard" by Creation to prevent human beings from doing ill.