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Erkunde Got7 Ist Familie, Obs und noch mehr!

Is that Suga? Hahahaha #BTS This is exactly how I feel when people ignore me !

Can I just... appreciate this. The loving expressions on their faces and in their eyes cannot be disputed. This is one of my favourite.

Bam Bam's Mom is my soul sister ♥ But how awesome are the parents!? Bahaha love it!

V is all like "I'm touching your oppa AND making you scream" Then there's Suga and J-Hope acting crazy in the back

But all I hope for myself is to get all of these on my own XD

Is he? He is even smoller than Jimin. No this too precious

Try me (I literally want to say this to all my friends who think I'm stupid)

Yugyeom - Seriously!!! As if the torture wasn't bad enough as it was... This is noona-slaying at its finest... This boy deserves a prize...