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From the public domain book, "Der Ornamentenschatz; ein Musterbuch stilvoller Ornamente aus allen Kunstepochen (1887)." Download, browse here:

Zentangle inspiration (and what a tangle!) from the public domain book, "An encyclopaedia of colour decoration from the earliest times to the middle of the XIXth century (1928)." Browse, download, here:

Victorian lettering inspiration "Selections from the Pattern Book". Download this copyright free ebook here:

Textile designs from the book, "Choyokaku kansho (1883)."

18 plates of ornamental tiles from the Afghan Boundary Commission - download this ebook (copyright free) here:

von Fotolog

"Peregrine Falcon" (Falco peregrinus) - interlude

Hintergrund,Andrew Zuckerman,Foto Falke,Geflügel,游隼Peregrine Falcon,Falcon Falco,Zuckerman Bird,Tiff Tattoo,Photo Falcon

Art noveau repeating floral pattern, in 2 colors. From the copyright free ebook, "Motifs pour Broderies, Premiere Serie". Download in epub, pdf or kindle:

Wallpaper pattern from a French catalog, "Étoffes imprimées et papiers peints; (1924)."

Historical pattern from Patterns of Maw and Co.'s encaustic tile, geometrical mosaic and plain tile pavements, and majolica and enamelled wall tiles, white glazed tiles, etc. :‡bfor entrance halls, corridors, passages, conservatories, churches, cemetery chapels, porches, gangways, foot-paces, porticos, verandahs, balconies, dairies, hearths, fireplace linings, exterior and interior wall panels, inscriptions, street labels. Download here:

Wallpaper pattern from the book, "Sears harmony house wallpaper and wall oilcloth (1955)." Vintage pattern design.