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Cold-pressed juices are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They have been shown to offer monumental health benefits, and they are packed full of the nutrition. But is cold-pressed juice really all it’s cracked up to be? Why is everyone so won over with it? And what benefits does drinking cold-pressed juice offer to you?

Let’s get one thing straight, nothing beats the nutritional quality of getting you nutrients from fresh, whole, raw foods and juices. The often varied blend of essential vitamins and compounds all complement each other and are absorbed much easier by the body, ready to be put to good use; but not everyone has the time to include wholefoods in their diet, and raw, fresh juice can be hard to come by, or time consuming to make - so instead, people take supplements.

Sleep is a fundamentally important process that is the foundation of good health. It allows both the body and mind to perform essential processes, and without enough of it, your health and overall wellbeing will begin to suffer.

"The physician treats, but nature heals." -Hippocrates