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Jef Cornelis ondervraagt Marcel Broodthaers

Marcel Broodthaers, 289 Coquilles d’Oeufs, 1966. The egg and mussel shell become a recurrent symbol in Broodthaers’ work as a means of questioning the social function of the artwork. With characteristic wit and insight Broodthaers announced ‘Everything is eggs. The world is eggs’.

1969, Marcel Broodthaers, Illustrated book with twenty photolithographs based on the poem by Stéphane Mallarmé

Marcel Broodthaers’s Brussels, and Mine

MOMA’s retrospective of the Belgian artist Marcel Broodthaers becomes newly relevant in light of the terror attacks in Brussels.

Marcel Broodthaers – Casserole and Closed Mussels, 1964

Marcel Broodthaers (28 January 1924 – 28 January 1976) was a Belgian poet, filmmaker and artist with a highly literate and often witty approach to creating art works. Broodthaers later worked principally with assemblies of found objects and collage, often containing written texts. He incorporated written language in his art and used whatever was at hand for his raw materials—most notably the shells of eggs and mussels...

Marcel Broodthaers. White Cabinet and White Table. 1965. Painted cabinet, table, and eggshells. Broodthaers often used found or discarded materials, favoring eggshells, which are "without content other than the air." Using antique-looking furniture and organic materials, Broodthaers critiqued museum display and avoided modern products. In 1968, he created his own museum—called Museum of Modern Art—in his apartment, complete with labels and a catalogue.

The Conquest of Space (Atlas for the use of artists and soldiers) by Marcel Broodthaers, 1975

1975 hat der belgische Künstler Marcel Broodthaers einen Miniaturatlas in der Größe einer Zündholzschachtel gestaltet und darin alle Länder auf die gleiche Seitengröße hinunterprojiziert, so daß etwa Österreich praktisch gleich groß wie Australien erscheint.

Marcel Broodthaers ‘I Return to Matter, I Rediscover the Tradition of the Primitives, Painting with Egg, Painting with Egg’, 1966 © DACS, 2016