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The imperial crown is the crown of the kings and emperors of the Holy Roman Empire since the High Middle Ages.

The Crown of Queens of Bavaria. The crown was made for the first Queen of Bavaria, Caroline of Baden, circa 1806. (=)

Charlemagne's crown -- the imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire -- came after a time to be located in the chamber of worldly treasures in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna ("Die Reichskrone des Heiligen Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation befindet sich zur Zeit in der Schatzkammer der Wiener Hofburg").

Lost Crown of Henry VIII is recreated almost 400 years after being destroyed. The original was melted after Charles I was beheaded, but not before he was portrayed in thorough detail in a portrait. The stones and precious pearls of the replica of the Crown of Henry VIII are real. The Crown may have been made for Henry VIII's father, Henry VII, and was used in the Coronations of his sons Edward, Mary and Elizabeth, and later on of James I and Charles I.

The Crown of Rudolf II, later Crown of the Austrian Empire | Jan Vermeyen | 1602 dated

Holy Roman Empire Imperial Crown - back view

The Imperial Crown of Charlemagne, 2nd half of the 10th century, crown cross addition from the early 11th century. (Kunsthistorisches Museum -- Vienna, Austria)

image Crown made of Gold, silver, rubis, emeralds and brilliants. 18th century. Royal Palace of Ajuda, Portugal.

The imperial crown: West German Second Half of the 10th Century, Crown Cross addition from the early 11th century. More

The German State Crown. It disappeared during WWII from the Hohenzollern museum at Schloss Monbijou in Berlin and has never been seen again.