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Erkunde Cannabis Zeug, Hanfsamen und noch mehr!

Ritter Sport - Cannabis Karotte Fundstück

Definitely in need of a Greengo rolling tray |

Es ist eher umgekehrt, aber bald bin ich weg. Viel Spaß mit deinem Zeug! Es zerstört dir deine Zukunft-merk dir meine Worte!

Marijuana and pH For marijuana growers, whether using soil, soilless or hydro methods, pH levels can make a huge difference to your success and yields. In this article we will take a closer look at pH values and discuss why you need to know about them and how that knowledge can help you become a... Read More

The Obama Kush strain is an indica-dominant strain that comes as a result of crossing Afghani and OG Kush. Unlike most indica strains, it produces a decent amount of head high, along with the usual body high that comes with an indica.

This will be me, very, very soon... worst part is being on dealer - time. Soon could turn into 4 or 5 hours #RP @highundlow2.0