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Erkunde Heilige Geometrie, Zeug und noch mehr!

von The Free Spirited

Things I Love 9.4

BHAGAVAD GITA {6, 26 } यतो यतो निश्चरति मनश्चञ्चलमस्थिरम्‌ । ततस्ततो नियम्यैतदात्मन्येव वशं नयेत्‌ ॥ 26॥ Wherever this restless and unsteady mind wanders during meditation, one should just witness it under the watchful eye (or supervision and control) of the Self. (6.26) CONTI..

Bildergebnis für doppel helix kundalini heilige geometrie

Bildergebnis für heilige geometrie spirale thorus kundalini

Bildergebnis für heilige geometrie spirale thorus kundalini

Sacred Geometry ~ The Tantric Terra Prana Star, which is a nesting of a star tetrahedron and a cube octahedron is immensely powerful. Also known as ‘the quickening this form reconnects a deep circuit within the kundalini energy system and stimulates the thyroid, regulating the metabolism and protecting against electricity and microwaves. Juliet Carter

Viyapini: The Eighth Chakra also called the Star, Angel or Soul Chakra