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Leap Motion controller review | Engadget #vr #virtualreality #oculus #oculusrift #gearvr #htcvivve #projektmorpheus #cardboard #video #videos

Two-motors MAV任何產品想要尋求創新突破,在設計上不外往兩個極端走:一種是往更精密、更複雜、功能更完備齊全的高端高價市場開發,另一種則是反其道而行,致力讓結構更精簡、成本更低廉,更容易大量生產與普及化,至於功能上只要能夠達到該產品的基本需求即可——機器人與飛行器的設計也不例外。 之前我們曾經介紹過許多功能益發精巧的四旋翼與無人機,但是,當微飛行器(micro air vehicle,簡稱 MAV)的尺寸規格不斷縮小,對於其精準操控及預算管制的要求卻又持續提高的情況下,有沒有能夠大幅降低成本、以簡馭繁,卻仍然能夠達到基本操控及平穩飛行成效的好設計呢? 近期美國賓州大學 Modular Robotics Laboratory (ModLab) 實驗室提出了一種創新的微飛行器模型:機體單單使用兩個簡單的致動器馬達、兩架螺旋槳,就能讓它在操控下任意旋轉起降、平穩飛行,克服了以往遙控直升機與四旋翼都需要大量馬達與複雜伺服系統連結的成本問題。…

Marvels Avengers: Age of Ultron and Samsung Mobile present Assemble Part 1 #vr #virtualreality #virtual reality

HydroView Underwater HD Video Camera - HydroView is a remote operated underwater vehicle with a high definition video camera and LED lights that employs motion control technology. See the underwater world through live video, capture still shots, upload recorded images to social media sites, and navigate through the water using your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or laptop.

Holovision: Life Size Free-Floating Hologram In The Making #technology

15 Objects You Won’t Believe Are 3D Printed – Video

Hand gestures on Air, just like Tom Cruise did in the Hollywood flick Minority Report can be a reality soon. This new technology from Taiwan called the i-Air can project a virtual touch-based interface in the user's field of vision.

WATCH: Origami expert creates "impossible" computer-generated shape - Boing Boing

The new Jumping Sumo drone allows you to use your smartphone screen to view a live video feed from the Jumping Sumo's point of view.

This 3D Pan Stimulator Will Help You Create Perfect Meals Every Time #multipurpose #kitchen

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