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Erkunde Lego Bilder, Arbeitszimmer 02 und noch mehr! | Arbeitszimmer.02 | Bricks of the dark side - | Venice

"Ford 32' Tudor Hot Rod scaled 1/10 in Lego" by bricksonwheels: Pimped from Flickr | Hiro Hamada's Workshop | | More pictures | To be serious, one of my top-ten super hero movies is definitely Big Hero 6. It has a great storyline despite that it's made for kids. Furthermore the animations are really well done and the emotions of the characters are captured perfectly. In addition all the scenes in the movie are filled with a lot of nice details. The fact that they used a Fall out Boy song makes everything even better! I especially liked how…

Lego birds of Oceania – in pictures

Lego birds of Oceania: Shane the Splendid Fairy Wren

Lego Catapult

Lego Power,Legos,Lego Projekte,Macht Der Ideen,Lego Jrfll,Lego Camp,Lego Power,Projects Recipes,Catapult Style | ShadowMoon | More pictures are on the… | Steampunk Train | More pictures are on the blog.