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Erkunde Eckig, Bambus und noch mehr!

Bambus Solarlampe eckig

Bambus Solarlampe eckig jetzt im Shop kaufen! Eine exotische Atmosphäre wie im Urlaub – die elegante Solarlampe aus Bambus bezaubert...

hedged in back yard, trees, white flowers

contemporary gravel grasses and Lavender border

Menu Sockel Wire Base

Sockel Wire Base

Diy - upcycling Pflanzleiter aus alten Schubladen

Anleitung für eine DIY upcycling Pflanzleiter für Kräuter und Blumen aus alten Schubladen und Holzkisten als Deko im vintage Look für den Garten.

Japanese garden Nice small tsubo-niwa. Also, VERY intersting arrangement of the 3 rocks in the center. More equivalently spaced than normal, and unless you're supposed to look at it from the bottom L, also an unusual structure - 3 rocks with 1 tall & narrow, 1 low, long and large, and one low, round and small is standard, but having the round small one furthest back, and the tall one so far to the right instead of sort-of-but-not-actually centered between others are both unusual choices.

Simple and effective garden trellis which will extend to the left and cover the utility meters and a/c unit