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With all the cameras and smartphones out there, it's no surprise that, once in a while, someone captures a truly bizarre once-in-a-lifetime photo. Whatever you want to call them – forced perspectives, optical illusions or pictures taken at just the right angle – these pictures are brilliant and hilarious because they totally twist your perception of what is real. They've captured just the right split-second moment and from just the right angle to fool your brain.

von Oddee

12 Amazing Photographs with Optical Illusions

12 Amazing Photographs with Optical Illusions (amazing illusions, illusion images) - ODDEE

von Etsy

print, Löwenzahn Löwenzahn Wandkunst, schwarz-weiß Fotografie Löwenzahn, Blume FineArt print, Naturfotografie, Wohnkultur Wanddekoration

Wohnkultur Wanddekoration von Ingrid Beddoes, print, Löwenzahn Löwenzahn Wandkunst, Naturfotografie, schwarz-weiß Fotografie Löwenzahn, Blume

Stick a cheap, empty picture frame in the sand and shoot your photo through it.

foggy mountains | winter . Winter . hiver | photo: LIGHTGLASS by rickerlr |