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Ach was hab ich diese Dinger geliebt

TKKG, die Profis in spe! | 36 Bilder, die aussehen wie Deine Kindheit in den 80ern

Holly Hobbie-When I was seven, I dressed up a clothes hanger with their triangle shaped cardboard inserts on either side, and wrapped it with the provided pink synthetic ribbon... and waited for a little girl of my own to give it to for 30 years. She hated it from the get go, so it is in my closet with all my fancy hangers. She can throw it away when I'm dead. So there.

Snugglebums... I've forgotten the colour mine was. But they came with a brush, and they giggled when you shook them! (And some lit up GG) I had this one!!

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Teachers used these.

Jelly Jellies Shoes Sandals Plastic Flats Peep Toe Woven Pink Transparent 1980s 80s 90s 1990s Retro Hipster Kitsch Kitschy Size 6

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27 Süßigkeiten, die Du kennst, wenn Du 80er-Jahre Kind bist

I made the mistake of trying to play with one...within minutes it was covered in bits of fluff, hair and crumbs! So sticky!

The Flumps, Was a childrens tv show in the 70`s.