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Erkunde Zweiter Weltkrieg, 028 und noch mehr!

Fotothek df roe-neg 0006168 028 Trümmerbilder - Category:Bricks in reconstruction in Germany after World War II – Wikimedia Commons

firsttimeuser: The little girl and rabbit, Portugal, 1953 by Jean Dieuzaide

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The largest known late medieval world map was the "Ebstorf Mappa Mundi". This map named for the Benedictine monastery in Ebstorf Germany where it was found in 1830. The map was most likely produced in the middle of the thirteenth century. Unfortunately the map was completely destroyed during the Second World War.


Mercedes 500 K von 1935: Prozess - Spektakulärer Rechtsstreit

A court case started in Hamburg , Germany, to determine who owns this €5 million Mercedes 500K. The family who was forced to sell it to a US soldier at the end of the Second World War or the current title bearer.

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Monday Morning Randomness

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Oscar Schindler - One of the most-visited graves in Jerusalem belongs to Oskar Schindler, the German factory-owner and Nazi Party member credited with saving the lives of 1098 Jews during the Second World War. His grave in the Catholic cemetery on the southern slope of Mount Zion is visited by Jews, Christians and people of no religious faith. He did what most would hope to the lives of others before his own.

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Awesome Pictures: Wait for me, Daddy

'Wait for me, Daddy' is one of the most famous Canadian pictures of the Second World War. It was taken October 1st, 1940, in New Westminster, British Columbia by Claude Dettloff.