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Petite Mort, 2009, Art of Lilli Hill

philamuseum: Just ten days left to see “Barbara Chase-Riboud: The Malcolm X Steles.” Don’t miss your chance to encounter these large bronze-and-fiber sculptures, which the Philadelphia Inquirer called “dazzling monuments to duality,” along with a selection of drawings by the artist. “Malcolm X #11,” 2008, Barbara Chase-Riboud. Courtesy of Noel Art Liaison, Inc.

ART PRINTS BY AMY HAMILTON Whales Arctic & Antarctic Animals Foxes Dinosaurs Sharks

Today I bring you a botanical illustration inspired art about mandrakes. I really like special plants which connected with interesting superstitions and beliefs. According to the legend, when the mandrake root is dug up it screams and kills all who hear it.

marble carving : matthew simmonds

Neya Churoku 1932 Teiten Exhibition Bronze Stag Sculpture

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Katya Gridneva Катя Гриднева 1965 | Ukrainian Figurative Pastel painter

Ramón Casas i Carbó, Erik Satie (El bohemio; Poet of Montmartre), 1891 oil on canvas, Northwestern University Library

Copy of Mona Lisa by da Vinci student found in Madrid: The Prado painting was long thought to be one of dozens surviving replicas made after Leonardo’s death but it is now believed to have been painted by one of his key pupils working alongside the master. Due to its fragility, cleaning and restoration is thought to be too risky, but is in the process of being stripped of a dark over-paint to reveal her as she would have looked.