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Die meisten Formen von Körperschmuck gehen auf traditionelle Rituale zürich...

Africa | Crown from the Dogon people of Mali | Bronze

Mursi woman, Mago park Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue, via Flickr

Africa | Throne with foot pedestal ~ mandu yenu ~ from the Bamum people of Cameroon | Wood covered with textile embroidered with glass beads and cowrie shells | 19th century

Africa | The art of adornment on a young woman of the Karo tribe, living at the Omo river's western bank (Ethiopia) | © Frieda Ryckaert

Clara Lieu. I love the dream-like quality of this, just abstract enough. The person looks like they are in a state between consciousness and unconsciousness, falling to the ground

Africa | Portrait of a Mursi woman, Ethiopia | © Marc Veraart