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Erkunde Hemd 15, 15 Jhd und noch mehr!

European (German) riveted mail hauberk, 15th century, Hip-length version with semi-long arms, short overlapped neck, alternating rows of riveted and solid rings, the diameter of the rings on the sides a little smaller. The hem and sleeve edges decorated with rows of brass rings. Length 78.5 cm. F1.

Chain mail shirt 14th -15th century

European (German) riveted mail hauberk, 1351-1400, National museum, Nürnberg, Bayern, Germany.

European (German) riveted mail hauberk, 15th century, at the neck opening is a brass maker`s mark with gothic minuscules and three Maltese crosses, these brass marks can show the makers name and / or the town, it is constructed with more than 25.000 riveted rings. Length 88 cm. Weight 8.6 kg. The members of the German guild who made hauberks were called `Panzermacher´and in later centuries all goods made of wire were still called `Panzerwaren. H 19.

European riveted mail hauberk, 15th century, Castel Tirolo/Schloss Tirol, Italy.

European riveted mail hauberk, Augsburg, Germany, late 14th century or early 15th century. Low-carbon steel and copper alloy. Length: 73.7 cm. Diameter: 1.11 cm, rings. Weight: 4.479 kg. The Wallace collection. Q1.

European (Germany) riveted mail hauberk, 2nd quarter of 15th century, carbon steel and copper alloy. Length: 71.1 cm. Diameter: 0.405 cm, of links. Weight: 8.84 kg. Maker's mark: '+ernart couwein', The Wallace collection. (Wallace A2).