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Mittelalterliche Leben,Mittelalterliche Fantasy-,Mittelalter,Attentäter Mädchen,Leben,Besser,Medieval Cottage,Medieval European,Salacie Character

"She was as swift as she was silent; nothing more than another shadow under the evergreen canopy. She was the defender of the woods, as much at home as any woodland creature, as she would not hesitate to stop anything evil from ruining it." - Elyshia on the Guardians of Willenia - A.R. Hanley

They look like apprentice Rangers during evaluation at he Gathering.

Hölle Hexe,Hexerei Okkultismus,Witchy Witchy,Elementarwesen,Box,Hexe,Unendlichkeit,Geschichte,I Am Witch

"There are no such things as dangerous weapons. There are only dangerous men."