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This guy ROCKS. I don't care if you are a Christian or not -- you gotta respect his refusal to be who other people want him to be. Love that he is staying true to himself and making his faith such an important part of his public persona.


Tell themselves enough lies..they believe that bullshit too!!

von Ökonomisches Café - Artikel zur Orientierung

Aufschwung ohne Wohlstand? Wird der ökonomische Vorsprung Deutschlands durch Lohnverzicht erkauft?

A woman can't change a man because she loves him, a man changes himself because he loves her.


So true... This should be read by everyone! Don't compete with others, compete with yourself to be better each day:)

Pray for America, when one man can become a woman in public with approval and another be condemned if he prays and glorifies God in public...time is over as we know it.