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Elephantiasis of… – By Gerardo Feldstein

Con Amore, Skulptur, Plastik aus Bronze, von Malgorzata Chodakowska

Les sculptures surréalistes de l'artiste argentin Gerardo Feldstein, qui déforme ses modèles de manière démesurée en jouant sur une perspective imaginair


Paul Gisbrecht

PAUL GISBRECHT 10/28/2011 · Photography Is the ideal man (be) measurable? This question is dealt with the concept of photographer Paul Gisbrecht . It is based on the architecture in the meantime as a standard work force 'Bauentwurfslehre' of the architect Ernst Neufert (1939). This is among others concerned with the measurability of the ideal man in terms of spatial variables.To date Neufert work is regarded as a fundamental principle of standardized design space. Gisbrecht, this…

Fleshy Human Displays : Samuel Salcedo Sculptures

Grotesque Sculptures by Samuel Salcedo

Waste not, want not! We can not live on a finite planet like it's infinite, or we're sacrificing the future for instant gratification!