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Erkunde Johannes Schöner, Die Freiheit und noch mehr!

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kingcreative: Johannes Schöner - Aeqvatorivm astronomicvm

repurposed globe | One of only two known celestial globes by Johannes Schöner (Museum of ...

The ‘America’ Map: Review of ‘A Renaissance Globemaker’s Toolbox’

The ‘America’ Map - Review of ‘A Renaissance Globemaker’s Toolbox’ -

Johannes Schöner's magnificent celestial globe (centre) and other objects featured in the exhibition

Celestial Globe Gores by Johannes Schöner found with the Waldseemuller Maps. Geography & Map Division, Library of Congress.

Italia 1530 - Dal mappamondo presente nel quadro "Gli Ambasciatori" di Hans Holbein, eseguito sulla base di quello, reale, prodotto da Johannes Schöner a Norimberga nel 1523.

Johannes Schöner - Aeqvatorivm astronomicvm (1521).

This 1520 map by Johannes Schöner shows the western hemisphere (more or less - it was used as the western hemisphere on his globe, though it’s not exactly what we’d call the western hemisphere today). It depicts the still-unexplored Antarctica, portrays the Americas as islands (with a passage in between), and vastly underestimates the extent of the Pacific Ocean.

A Renaissance Globemaker's Toolbox: Johannes Schoner and the Revolution of Modern Science 1475-1550: John W. Hessler: 9781907804168: Amazon....