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Andras Visky. Triple personalities all could be showing different things but with the same 3 faces I like how they have designed this with the triple faces

These Limited Edition Triumph Triples Are Built By Racers And It Shows

T3 Racing Speed Triple

refraction through water glasses

Fotos: Triumph Speed Triple (1994 bis 2011)

Gebrauchtberatung Triumph Speed Triple (1994 bis 2011): Technische Daten, Tipps für die Besichtigung, Marktsituation. In der Foto-Show finden sich die folgenden Typen: 1994/Typ T300B, 1997/Typ T509, 2002/Typ T595N, 2005/Typ 515NJ, 2008/Typ 515NJ, 2011/Typ 515NJ.

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Triumph Speed Triple R Show Bike

Custom Speed Triple Progressive Motorcycle Show, NYC

Triumph Speed Triple

Road-oriented Triumph Speed Triple shows the benefits