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Blooming Cactus - Signature White Textured Wedding Invitations in Basil or Purple | Lady Jae

Blooming Cactus - Signature White Textured Wedding Invitations - Lady Jae - Basil - Green : Front

Lindsey Stirling, an awesome violinist and an amazing woman.

Fashion Sketch - beautifully elegant, black & white fashion illustration. .showing a lot of detail even on such small amounts of space and just one colour

Good objects - Sunday’s easter outfit #happyeaster #goodobjects

For those awkward occasional moments of being student conductor. <-Where was this chart when I was in high school?!!

"This light pink and blue painting of Rothko is interpreted as an influence by the minimalist, reductive- movement in art and architecture, as a reaction to Abstract Expressionism, which was gaining momentum in the 70′s. Yet, for Rothko art surely meant to be experienced in conjunction with suggestive and vivid pictorials in its very expressive details such as color, form and balance."

Comic Illustrations by Phobs

Oh my goodness I haven't seen Phobs's work in ages!! I absolutely adore it